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The Seller & Agent ~ Did You Know??


Newtown in Bucks County PA

When working toward the goal of you selling a home or property, in Bucks County, PA, we develop a relationship which can be looked at in many ways.  I choose to look at it this way ~ I'm involved so as to convey as much information as I can, or to point you to the professional resource, so you can be as well informed as possible moving forward.  I'd take that over a "salesy" approach any day.

SO, with that in mind ~ Did You Know??

Home & Property Sellers can be in a most enviable place to be able to position their home in the marketplace.  An odd concept you may be thinking ...

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First off, once you've reached the decision to sell your home, you must begin thinking of it as a commodity, so it's important to realize at that moment, it's no longer your home with all of the memories you've created ~ it's simply a house, nothing more & nothing less.  When working toward the goal of you selling a home or property, we develop a relationship which can be viewed in many ways.  I choose to look at it like this ~ I'm involved so as to convey as much information as I can, or to point you to another professional resource, so you can be confidently informed as we move forward. 
I'd gladly take that over a "salesy" approach any day.

Now if I've possibly offended or angered some of you with the seemingly cold statements above - I just served one key purpose - to hopefully get you in the mindset of thinking how many Buyers do.  They want to get the best "deal" they can get.  Your job is to make your house be that best deal.  Well, wait a minute, many of you will be thinking, isn't that your job as listing agent!?!  Actually, no - it's my job to get your house the best exposure to the widest possible audience of well-qualified Buyers ... for starters.  You're the Seller, therefore you're the Owner of the Product.  Good, Bad or Indifferent you are responsible for making the house {read: Product} the best it can be.  Another simple analogy ... Does an Ad Exec or Agency have final control over how the jeans are dyed, cut or stitched?

OK ~ so we probably lost some of the audience there & that's okay, let them quietly shuffle out so we can re-group...

To clarify ~ The idea in selling a house is to get the property under agreement as quickly as possible.  There are two key reasons for this
    1.) Do you really want to live in a state of constant preparedness?  It's a LOT of work to effectively keep a house in the ideal showing condition & no I don't just mean keeping the dishes out of the sink. 
    2.) The longer the house is on the market the greater the likelihood that the Buyer's & their Agents will view it as "old news", and possibly adjust any offers they may bring accordingly.

All houses have a "strong offer price expiration date", much in the same way that merchandise in stores gets marked down over time.  Try to think of it this way ~ many new products are released seasonally by manufacturers, such as Christmas decorations - or Holiday decorations - or shorts & tank tops ... is there much call for either out of season?  No, and as such the prices get marked down - sometimes drastically.  Well, your house has a season & it's generally within the first couple of months of it being on the market, regardless of the time of year.

There are Two Best Ways to get the highest price reasonable in the shortest time possible: Simply

1.) Have the house {product} in such outstanding condition that it is viewed
to be the best among the competition.

2.) Have the house {product} priced so that it is viewed as the one that can't be missed.

There are no magic bullets in real estate ~ All the marketing in the world can't make a product worth more than the public would willingly pay, nor can it sway the mortgage lender's appraisers.  As proof of the former, think of the two biggest cola companies ~ are their products priced similarly?  One may not necessarily be better than the other yet people definitely have their preferences.  {Think here how to make your house/product more appealing}  However, if the pricing were out of line wouldn't that probably sway some of those preferences?

All of the above does not mean that you have to feel like you're giving your house away anymore ~ we are certainly on the way back to a more normal market.

My point is, you know your product better than anyone else ~ is it in the condition that shows it to its best advantage? Perhaps this may help: You're about to host a business dinner party for your spouse's or partner's boss, or your less than complimentary in-law, or the overly chatty neighbor ~ how comfortable are you about the impression the house will make on them?  {and no, I'm not referring to impressing the Jonses with expensive upgrades.}

There are things that can be readily accomplished in creating that best first impression:

  Many houses may have their landscaping cared for by the HOA, and it's done quite nicely ~ BUT you're looking to sell the house, why stop there and have yours look like theirs?  Within HOA guidelines it can be simple to make yours stand out, look into what's possible for planting some colorful annuals or seasonal foliage, adding a fresh layer of mulch, placing some classic terra cotta planters in un-expected places ... you get the idea there.

  Look into power washing the house, roof, driveway, walks, patios and such ~ perhaps even seal coating the driveway, little else creates an impression of "well-maintained" more than what is seen first ~ the driveway.

  Wash all windows inside & out, fix any damaged screens, clean all outside lighting fixtures, re-paint the front door - again, first impressions count.  I can't tell you how many times I've shown houses where the front door's lock or doorknob didn't work smoothly & my Buyers would actually have a roll-of-the-eyes response!  And you can't take back their first reaction ~ ever...

  A thorough Spring cleaning, including the closets, cabinets, cellar & garage has never been worth more than when you're looking to sell.  This way there will also be less to pack, move & store later.

  Consider having any carpets professionally cleaned, as well as any tile flooring - we all know how readily the grout lines like to darken over time ... don't forget the grout in the bathrooms.

  While you're considering the power washing don't overlook the garage floor.  Again, the idea is to make your house stand out from the competition.  I've honestly had listings sell because the garage was remarkably clean, as it was the one differentiation that the competitors lacked.

... Take a further look at my site here www.FindBucksCountyProperties.com to search for homes similar to yours & get a sense of what's possible for when you decide to sell

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